Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"J" is for "Just Kiddin'"

Our Jet Pilot!

This week we're working on the letter "J." It's the second letter in the book The Sound of the Week, by Sally Barrett and Mary Barton Wilson. My goal is to find frugal ways to learn about "J." I only want to use things we already have around the house.

We'll be making jewels this week using rock salt, glue and food coloring and we'll also make a self-propelled jet. I can't wait to see how that works! Both of these projects are from the Kid Concoctions series by John and Danita Thomas.

I got the chance to take a Kid Concoctions workshop from the Thomases last year. One of their demo projects was a set of juggling balls made from balloons. Neither of them could juggle, so they asked for a volunteer...I do love an audience! Yes, I can juggle!
Jack and Jill is a great nursery rhyme to work on this week and talk about rhyming words.
And, of course, we'll be making jello!

We're also doing lots of spontaneous jumping jacks throughout the day (Kid 1 gets excited about these things...4 is a great age!).

We don't have a jump rope, but I do have a length of rope for the kids to jump over as we jiggle and jerk it.

We will make our letter "j" sign using a 6x6" square of cardboard cut from a diaper box, some colored paper, glue and a popsicle stick. Last week, for the letter "S," we made a silver, sparkly "S" sign with glitter. I still keep finding glitter in strange places (like, the corner of my eye, my upper lip, inside my bra, all over our bed, and dumped all over the office floor...use it at your own risk!).

For some great letter "s" ideas, check out Teresa's blog!

In case you're wondering "What does she do with her little one while KID 1 does all these cool (messy) projects?," the answer is, KID 2 gets to do almost everything her big brother does. The goals are just a bit different. If KID 1 is glittering up a letter, KID 2 (almost 2 years old) is making a glittery picture and we talk about what color the glitter is. Most activities can be slightly modified for the younger sibling. Even though she is not ready for phonics, she is still developing the phonemic awareness necessary for reading later on.
Check out more frugal ideas at Crystal's many links, so little time!

Any other great "J"-week ideas?


  1. We made jewels yesterday from the Kid Concoction book and learned something new. When the recipe calls for Elmers glue, use Elmers glue.

    The store brand grue is a completely different consistancy andd truly alters the results!

    We'll have to try the jewels again!

  2. Are the Thomases the couple I've seen on PBS during pledge week (month, year...) If so, they have some great ideas! I will have to check out that book!

    Otherwise, great "J" ideas! Perhaps you could jabber and tell jokes about jaguars in Japan while wearing jade-colored jackets and jeans? (I'm such a geek.)

  3. Yes, Rachel, you are a total geek, but that's why we love you! You just fit right in around here!:D

    I have three of the Kid Concoctions books. I'm not sure if the library has them, but you should definitely check online to see!

    Another great book I found today is called Preschool Art...I'm going to have to pace myself...there are just too many great resources out there to read (buy) them all!!!



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