Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunflowers Personified

As I was taking the kids to the library for storytime this morning, we stopped by our sunflower patch to see how our little seedlings were doing. We were delighted to see several of our sunflowers developing distinct personalities.

Although bright yellow on the outside, these guys were looking a little blue.

And this sunflower must have a little secret to tell...or maybe she'll just keep it to herself.

This one, we are sure, must have declared his love for her. He just couldn't hide it any longer!


  1. Ben thinks the one that has a secret is hiding a heart behind her petals.



  2. I love these pictures. Isn't it amazing what happens in nature!

  3. I really think my kids make me slow down and take in the wonders of the world. They give me the freedom to play like a kid and see or hear things I would have ignored in "grown-up mode."


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