Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunsuits and Cowgirl Boots

Our kids usually hit the ground running around 6AM. This morning is no exception.

KID 1 has his bathing suit on, ready for a beach day with friends. He's busily seated at the art table, having a ball with Scotch tape. We like to offer the kids a variety of materials to experiment with at the art table.

KID 2 has donned her cowgirl boots and is happily tromping around the playroom, doing splits on the carpet and working with manipulatives.

What fun! This sure beats last week, when we had to abandon the house so it could be tented for termites. Check out my Motley Moms blog to learn how we discovered we had termites.


  1. Hey Donna! It sounds a lot like our house. As soon a breakfast ends we work on an art project for a bit. Fun!!


  2. We have very busy mornings, as this is the kids' best learning time. Afternoons are for naps, popsicles, quiet play, and making dinner. We love our routines!


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