Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Art

One Little, Two Little Budding Artists
The Hands of an Artiste!
Her Marvelous Mix-Up!
Just a little window into our creative morning...I can't wait to show you what he created! When he finished, he said, "Oh, Mommy! I'm just so impressed with myself!" Nothing like a little confidence, huh? ;-D


  1. Well HI stranger! What a wonderful glimpse of your day. We might have to pull out the paints this afternoon, too.

  2. I know, I know! I have kinda fallen off the bloggy bandwagon lately. But, occassionally I feel inspired AND have the time simultaneously to blog. I keep up a pretty regular Saturday post over at, so feel free to check that out! We have a new post every day (usually) by a different mom-writer assigned to that day. Keeps it interesting, ya know? Thanks for the visit! Good to hear from you, Katie!

  3. Too cute! Don't you love painting with your kids. The other day we were painting and my youngest one looks at me and says "arm?". Sure, why not. He came out looking like the Jolly Green Giant. We had a blast!


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