Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hungry for a Party!

These little guys are hungry for a fun birthday party!

KID 1 and KID 2 helped decorate these little egg carton caterpillars with permanent markers (I helped with the eyes). We'll hide them on the day of the party (and probably every day after that) and let the kids hunt for the caterpillars to win a prize.

I have a caterpillar party favor idea involving knee highs, potting soil, pipe cleaners, and grass seed, but I'm not sure this will work yet. It would need some sort of bottom container, I think. Maybe it could go into a cellophane baggie and parents can find something to set it in at home before they water it...I have an annoying jingle in my head now: Ch-ch-ch-chia!

Using my pinking shears, I cut each piece of junk food from the Hungry Caterpillar fabric I ordered from The Carle museum. Then I sewed one piece of food on each side of these denim bean bags. These will be the "food" for the "Feed the Hungry Caterpillar" game. We'll draw or paint a big caterpillar with a red face (like Eric Carle's caterpillar) on the paved driveway for the kids to toss the food into. The number of feet they need to stand from the line will correspond to their ages. Gotta keep it challenging!

I've got to find swirly lollipops like the one the caterpillar eats through in the book. I just don't want the HUGE kind that are bigger than the kids' heads! I may have to go with regular lollies...how boring.
Check out these cute butterfly cupcakes...they are just darling. I can't decide whether I want a caterpillar cake/mini cupcakes or a butterfly cake/cupcakes. I have several ideas. But I really like these cupcakes! And they look easy!

Can you tell I LOVE planning kids' parties? The fun is in the details!


  1. Thanks! Just wait 'til Big Brother's fifth birthday party rolls around...his will be an archeology theme. I know your little Princess will just love it!!! His big day is three days after Christmas, which makes it kinda hard to plan a party, but I think we must!

  2. These all have turned out very cute.

    Candy has done a butterfly cake by simply cooking two heart shaped pans.

    You know me, I LOVE kids birthday cakes. That is how my birthday party themes usually begin! Around a cute cake (or cupcakes!)

  3. Another good idea! Thanks for the compliment!

  4. The bean bags are adorable! I can't wait to see how it all turns out! After the party, would you consider doing a guest post on my blog highlighting all of your ideas? I think it would be a real hit! (of course, I know you're busy and it would be just one more thing to add to the pile, but if you want to do it down the road, that would be great too) If you'd like to talk about it more, maybe you could email me at kmagill1212 at gmail dot com?

  5. oh sorry, forgot to mention- my blog name- havingfunathomeblog.blogspot.com

  6. What a compliment! Thanks for the invitation. I'll try to take lots of pics on the big day...unfortunately, most of her friends can't make it now that we've had to change the date so many times!

    C'est la vie!


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