Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite Storybook Characters

We love Frog and Toad around here! In fact, the minute I heard that a local shop was selling miniature plush Frogs and Toads, I went right out and got one of each. We love these little guys.

The kids each get to hold one as we read, and when their character has a line, they hold him up high and bobble him around to make him "talk."

I'm always on the lookout for recreations of our favorite story characters. I find puppets, stuffed/plush dolls, and even china dolls (I have Anne of Green Gables, thanks to my mom's eBay addiction!). My kids love it! It really makes storytime come to life!

I do whatever works to make reading fun around here! For more great ideas and tips, check out Works-For-Me-Wednesday!


  1. We love Frog and Toad too!

    Those little stuffed animals are great! Where did you find them?

  2. cute idea - I also love doing that with my daughter - so far we have Madeline and a few others (trying to find Babar at a cheap price)

  3. We recently found Lowly Worm at Goodwill of all places! I'm so glad my mom instilled the value of books and stories in me. I can now do that with my kids and she gives them that too!

  4. Fun!

    Teresa, I found our Frog and Toad at the Tower Gift Shop...Miriam tipped me off! I looked online to see if they could be gotten cheaper, but the Tower prices were good and you don't pay shipping. (I think they were $10.95 each...a bit pricey, but so much fun!) You might find good used ones on eBay.

    Dr. O.S. -

    I think they have Babar, plus LOTS of other characters. I enjoyed perusing this site yesterday!

    Rachel, I feel the same way. My mom was also very good at making storytime fun with fingerplays, songs, and drama. I love incorporating these fun elements in my kids' storytime, too!


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