Friday, September 11, 2009

Aa is for Apple

Now that KID 1 is spending his days in his Kindergarten classroom, it's up to KID 2 and me to keep the alphabet soup bubblin'!

This week was "Apple Week" here. I only wish we had apple orchards nearby where we could go and pick fresh apples! We studied an apple and all its many colors, then filled in a big apple outline with colored tissue paper. KID 2 had fun tearing the tissue into little pieces for gluing. I watered down some Elmer's and gave her a paintbrush to apply her glue. She really enjoyed this project!

This one is MY apple project. I want to make a banner for each month so we can hang it on the mantle to mark the beginning of the new month. Here is September's banner:

How do you celebrate the month of September?


  1. Love it! We spend September getting excited about all the fun harvest activities, apple picking and making lots of apple food!

  2. That sounds so great, Michelle! My MIL is up in NY (Adirondacks) and she picked several bags of apples from an orchard in Vermont. I'm hoping she brings them home to FL to share!!!

  3. Fall is such a great time to do things with kids: the colors, the harvest goodies, the fall festivals and fairs.

    It's a great time to teach kids about nature and the garden's bounty.


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