Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kid-Friendly Way to Celebrate the Season: CUPCAKE LINERS!

KID 2 was hungry before school, so we broke out the cute fall cupcake liners and filled one with raisins for her to nibble. They make great snack cups! I'm brainstorming other ways to use these cute seasonal papers:

  • Craft Corral: great for holding glitter, googley eyes, pom poms, or whatever we're working with

  • Same and Different: I have the kids sort and categorize little items like coins, beads, M&M's, etc.

  • Lunchtime Helper: perfect size for corralling chips or pretzels on their lunch plates

  • Flower Power: flip inside out and snip down the sides to make a paper flower for a seasonal collage.  Glue a button or pom pom in the center.

  • Handyman special: hold the little parts, nuts and bolts in one spot as you assemble those awesome birthday and Christmas toys

Any other ideas? Kids love seeing the season reflected all around them and take joy in the small reminders we incorporate into their day.


  1. Thanks, Katie! It's fun to find cheap seasonal goodies and repurpose them for many uses!


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