Sunday, November 1, 2009

Folk Tale Fun for Halloween

Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Woodcutter, and Grandmother

The kids loved that we dressed up with them. They were fascinated by the way my powdered hair and drawn-on wrinkle lines made me look really old!

We had everything we needed for our costumes except the red cape and hood. I used the leftover gray fur from KID 1's Max costume (Where the Wild Things Are) to make ears and stapled them to his hat.

The cape and hood reverse to a green, scaly dragon...why just make a boring red cape and hood, right? ;)

Hope you had a fun Halloween (or Fall Fest) with your kiddos!


  1. Thanks! We had such fun being dressed up as a family! It probably won't work every year, but the kids were definitely on board this year!

  2. I too am a teacher, 24 years and counting...I work with at-risk kids in a state-funded pre-k program that I love!!! Please check out my blog: or my student's blog: I love your graphics on your blog and would love to know how you did it?? You know teachers, whenever we see something we like, we copy, if you don't mind!!! Thanks

  3. Thanks, Mrs. C! I use the free graphics over at There is a link to it in the upper left corner of this blog (the link is encoded on their free stuff, so they get a little free advertising...I think it's a win/win as their designs are super cute!)

  4. Paul got off easy, I think! He needs a more complicated costume next year!! I like you as a granny, Donna! Just do Pump It Up a day before you put the costume on and you'll have the moves down!

  5. You must be referring to a recent interpretation of Little Red...I haven't seen it yet, but someone mentioned the movie "Hoodwinked" when they saw our costumes. I'll have to get it from the library and watch it...sounds cute!


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