Monday, October 27, 2008

A Very Hairy Pair

The Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday bash is coming up! Here's how our little party favor experiment is going:

KID 1 filled each section of a knee high with grass seeds and soil from our compost heap, layering them in and then tying each section off to form a caterpillar (I did the tying). He then soaked it in a bucket of water and set it on a clay tray filled with water. After just 4 days, we had grass shoots! He can't wait to give his caterpillar a trim! Here it is:

For KID 2, we tried filling the nylon with soil, tying each section off, soaking it in a bucket of water, and then rubbing the grass seeds on top. Hers is pictured below on the right.

Both ways worked, but I think putting them inside the nylon with the soil is safest. Some of her seeds blew off as they dried. We tried sticking them back on, but only the ones on top stayed put.

If and WHEN her little birthday bash happens, each guest will make a Very Hairy Caterpillar and then we'll slip it into a plastic goody bag for them to take home. They will soak it in water at home and find a plate or tray to set it on and watch it sprout!

I'm thrilled that my idea worked! This will be a great hands-on activity at the party!

Materials required:
  • old pantihose, cut into 2 foot sections and tied at the bottom
  • rye grass seed (a 5 lb. bag cost us $3.75)
  • some colorful pipe cleaners for the legs and antennae
  • A bucket of water
  • As take-home party favors, we got 12 goody bags for $1

This was so much fun and cheap and EASY!!! See more of my Very Hungry Party ideas here.

For more frugal ideas, check out this site...


  1. Love this! You are full of great ideas!

  2. Thanks! If it sounds fun, we try it!

  3. Thanks FLYbaby! This one is good for all ages...I've even gotten a thrill out of seeing the little grass shoots growing through the stocking...fascinating! Your 8-year-old would love it!

  4. Hi Donna! I've linked to this post on Thanks for the fun set of instructions!

  5. Great! Thanks for the link!

    Keep having fun!


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