Friday, September 12, 2008

Cheapie Challenge: Make-Your-Own Popcorn Containers

We decided we wanted popcorn for snack the other day when my nine-year-old niece came to visit us. On the spur of the moment, rather than grabbing bowls out of the cabinet, I thought I'd challenge them while they watched their movie and waited for their snack.

The challenge: Create a container for their popcorn using only the materials I provided.
Here is what I gave them:
  • One square sheet of waxed paper
  • A roll of transparent tape
Here are their creations...

Frugal, but fun!


  1. cute idea! Those would be great for a party

  2. The kids really enjoyed the challenge and were very proud of their container designs!

  3. Very clever creations! It looks like they had a blast!

  4. that is such a cute idea!! I love it!
    will be storing it away for when my kids are older!

  5. I really thought it would be too frustrating for my four-year-old, but he found his inspiration and figured it out without my help!

  6. cute idea, esp. to give them the challenge. Another idea I have seen is to give them coffee filters (!).

  7. Hi Donna!

    Alot of the posts in this category on your site would make great links for "Twice the Fun Tuesday" at my site

    Twice the Fun is a weekly mr. linky about creative recycling that will start next Tuesday (Oct 14.) It would be great to see some of your posts there!


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