Thursday, September 25, 2008

Worms in Dirt...Yum!

We started a compost heap back in Letter Cc Week, and now we can start putting some of that rich dark soil to work in our fall vegetable garden. We're very excited about that!

One of the cool benefits of a compost pile is sifting through and finding lots of earthworms, studying them, singing about them, fighting over them, crying over them because KID 2 ran away with KID 1's earthworm and dropped it in the grass and now he can't find it and needs to throw the World's Biggest Tantrum, reading about them, and, sweetest of all, making "Worms in Dirt" for dessert!

Get a package of chocolate pudding and prepare according to package directions. Top with crushed chocolate cookies (dirt) and gummy worms crawling out. We even served ours in small just tastes better that way!
This is a great creepy, crawly dessert for October.

1 comment:

  1. I love this fun dessert, especially when it's made with ice cream! I've never had it served in a pot before--we'll have to try that!


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