Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Musical Murals

We're learning about letter "Mm" this week, and I'm anxious to share one of our very cool activities!

On Monday, I cut a big, long piece of easel paper and taped it to the floor. I gave both kids their own set of crayons (we used Colorations Silky Sticks, which are soft and glide over the paper).

To prepare them for the activity, I told them to just listen to the music and draw what they feel. I didn't say much more than that, and they didn't really need to know more. After a questioning look from KID 1 (What are we supposed to do?), I reassured him that he would know how to draw the music once he heard it.

The first piece of music I selected for them to "draw" was "Moonlight Sonata," which has lots of repetitions. It's very smooth music, and my 4-year-old really reflected the feel of the music as he drew, using large, sweeping movements of his arm in concentric circles. My toddler tapped, dabbed, and pounded her crayon to the beat, raising her crayon over her head with a flourish as she looked up to see if we were watching.

I tried to melt into the background and just observe, occasionally reminding them with a hand signal to just listen. I didn't want them to feel their art time was a performance, but it sure was fascinating to watch!

The second piece was my husband's choice (he was home from work by then and thoroughly fascinated by this little experiment) and we moved this new mural up to the table so the kids could really move their whole bodies. He chose "Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)" from the Swing Kids soundtrack. Oh, my goodness, it was so funny to watch! And what a difference between the two pieces of art! Fast, jaunty scribbles took up the center of the page as his feet flew beneath him! Watch our video...it's too funny!

Combining our love of art and music really works for us!


  1. Marvelous!

    Great video, and what an intriguing idea! Even your youngest is getting into the groove--we've gotta try it!

    Thanks for sharing your preschool activities!

  2. Great idea. One reason I chose to homeschool was so that I could incorporate different subjects. They all relate to and influence one another, but schools teach them separately.

  3. Fantastic! I just bookmarked this page so I can come back to it, just in case I forget. I *have* to try this with my kids. What a wonderful idea!

  4. Thanks! We'll definitely do this one again! It was hard not to crack up laughing, watching them "feel" the music!

  5. Most ingenious. I don't homeschool but I'm doing a small preschool and will use this idea when we hit M. Great idea!

  6. Thanks for the great idea! I hope to start homeschooling next year, and this just looks like a really fun, unique thing to do.

  7. What a fun activity! I'm going to have to do this. I'm always looking for activities that my little ones can do while the bigger ones are doing school...although my big kids will enjoy this, too! Thanks for sharing!


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