Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Introducing....the Letter "Cc"

Both kids made their letter "Cc" signs using corn kernels...
I "wrote" the letters in glue and they stuck the corn on. Creative and cute! (Our letter signs are made from cardboard diaper boxes, cut into 6x6" squares.)

We're celebrating the letter "Cc" today by cutting cheese and crunching crackers. We only buy big blocks of cheese's much cheaper and the kids love cutting it themselves!

We conspired to clear the clutter from our yard. And KID 1 is learning about composting in the garden to enrich the soil. We love this because it means less waste!

We also created cookie cutter sandwiches and concocted a fun cooperative art piece using bubble solution and powdered tempera paint.

We'll be making cupcakes later in the week, of course, and I'd love to take the kids to a local candy factory to see how their confections are made. Cool, huh?

Can you tell we're kinda crazy about the letter "Cc" around here?

Any more frugal ideas for us to introduce the letter "Cc" this week?


  1. I like the corn kernel "c". I hadn't thought of that clever idea!

  2. Creative ideas, Donna!

    How do you decide which letters to introduce? Are you going in a certain order? Thanks!

  3. We're starting with consonants. The first letter we did was KID 1's first initial. After that, we've been loosely following the order in "The Sound of the Week."

    I initially skipped letter "c," since it makes more than one sound. Now I think we'll spend a bit of extra time on it. He's still not matching the letter with the sound it makes. I made the "ck" sound to see if he knew which letter makes that sound (we haven't introduced letter "k" yet) and he said letter "key." Close, but not quite!

  4. Love the idea. I do similar hands-on homeschooling. Actually makes schooling a fun memory making time for both of us!

    Have you tried the Brightly Beaming Resources site? It has the letter of the week curriculum for free!

  5. I will check out that link! Thanks, Calina!


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